Adaptaspace Inc.

AaronHarvey V.P. Business Development 55 - 4511 Glenmore Trail SECalgary T2C 2R9Canada Provider of complete solutions for facilities requiring the integration of computers, telecommunications, audio-visual and other technology intensive equipment. Working closely with your technical team, we will select the best configuration and equipment and adapt our basic products to the specific needs of the operators, within the constraints of the space available. Our solutions have built-in flexibility to adapt to the evolution of your control center requirements as needs and technology evolve.

Adaptaspace? offers solutions for all technology environments such as control centres for Controland Command, Network Operation, Dispatch, Emergency Response, Call Centers, Security Operation and Data Centres.


ADS-B TechnologiesRobertNelson President13650 Jarvi DriveAnchorage 99515USA ADS-B Technologies and its parent company, Nelson Aviation, LLC, offer Asian markets a uniqueinsight into practical applications for Automatic Dependant Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) technology and commuter airline operations. Visit our website, or call us to discuss what your nation, or business can do with this new technology, today.

对亚洲市场的ADS-B 技术和往返航班的实施有着深刻了解。

Advanced Aviation Technology Ltd.Kim O'Neil, Director

The Old Post Office, The Street, Compton, Surrey, GU3 1ED, UK Advanced Aviation Technology Ltd supports the implementation of global CNS/ATM eg GNSS op

erations, Data-link communications and surveillance applications for ADS-B. This includes Aircraft and Airport equipments, ATM infrastructure and the Safety and Certification of these systems.


AeroAntenna Technology Peter Koustas, Marketing 20732 Lassen Street, Chatsworth, CA, 91311, USA Manufacturer of GPS antennas for ground, airborne, and marine applications, as well as military programs. Also manufactures antennas for the wireless market.

为地面、机载和海事用途和部队生产GPS 天线,同时也为无线市场生产天线。

Air Communications Pty. Ltd.Jack Taylor, Managing Director

Hangar 4, First Street, Moorabbin Airport, Mentone, VIC, 3194, Australia

Founded in 1968 to serve General Aviation in South East Australia. It is now an Avionics compa ny specializing in Commercial and Military products and services for Australian and Asian customers. Representing most major Avionics manufacturers in USA, UK and Australia, Air Communications P/L supplies, services and carries out installation of Radar, GPS, Weather Avoidance and all other Navigation and Communication systems for civil and military users.


Aircraft Instrument & Radio Co., Inc.Rhonda Purcell, Administrative Assistant/Sales1853 S. Eisenhower Ct., Wichita, KS, 67209, USA Complete avionics, instrument and accessory repair capabilities. These capabilities cover the full range of equipment for civilian and military transport, regional/commuter and business commercial jet and turboprop aircraft. Provides repair, overhaul, modification, testing and bench checking as well as exchange/loaner services. Full-capability pressure test bench plus variable angle testing tables to calibrate the full range of gyroscopic instruments. Lab has a separate clean-room-within-aclean-room for service and alignment of gyro rotors and assemblies. Licensed to service many electronic accessories, such as oven controllers, auxiliary sound systems plus various models of Air Data Computers and Flight Data or Cockpit Voice Recorders. Holds FAA approval class ratings.Representatives in Hong Kong and Singapore.


Airinc Stan Waters14560 Greeno Road, Fairhope, Alabama, 36532, USA Repair station for commercial aircraft instruments, avionics, and mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic accessories.


Air Shunt Instruments Henry Nakkashian Oricess Manager 9102 Winnetka Ave Chatsworth CA 91311 USA Please see our website.


Alenia-Marconi Systems Susan Hotchkiss, Marketing Analyst 11300 West 89th Street, Overland Park, KS, 66214, USA Designs, manufactures and markets ground-based navigational equipment, and airfield lighting and signage to aid the in-flight and ground movement of aircraft. The company's products are used

worldwide to guide the navigation of aircraft in various phases of flight in all visibility conditions. Its contract manufacturing unit designs and manufactures electronic components, subassemblies and systems.


Alifabs Anthony J. Pactat Kernel Court, Walnut Tree Close, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4UD, UK Alifabs principal activities are the design, manufacture and installation of: Airport Visual Control Rooms: aluminum clad steel structures with insulated GRP roofing and anti-condensation acousticglazing. Sonarview Glazing: electrically powered anti-condensation glazing system for Visual Control Rooms. ATC M1100 console system: aluminum reinforced GRP modular ATC workstation/console system. M16 Met-Manager: Meterological Display System, and much more.

公司基本业务为设计、制造和安装机场视频监控室、Sonarview 玻璃、ATC M1100 控制台系统等。

Alstom Airport Division Gary Hall, Division Manager Boughton Road, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV21 1BU, UKA world leader in control systems and airfield lighting. With pedigree spanning 60 years, the division has vast experience worldwide in the design, development, supply, installation and commissioning of equipment for the complete electrification of airports. A complete project management service is also available, as well as a full range of airfield ground lighting products, all designed and developed by ALSTOM and installed at over 500 airports worldwide. These are manufactured in compliance with ICAO standards, FAA advisory circulars, BS3224 and UK CAA Regulation CAP 168. Our control system expertise specializes in safety critical systems - all other complexities of airfield ground lighting control through to SMGCS ( Surface Movement Guidance and Control System) and routing of aircraft on the taxiway.


Andrew Canada, Inc.Dr. George Tong, Vice President606 Beech St. West, Whitby, Ontario, L1N5S2, Canada Produce quality antenna and pedestal systems to serve your need in a variety of applications. Established in 1953, our experience enables us to design and manufacture valued systems used for Air Traffic Control Radar; Weather Radar; Low Earth Orbit Satellite Ground Tracking Stations; Direction Finding Antenna Systems; HF Communication Antennas; and Tactical Communication Antennas. We also design specialised antenna systems to your particular requirements. We are certified in accordance with the International Quality Standard ISO 9001. Andrew Canada is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Andrew Corporation in Orland Park, Illinois, USA.


Archangel Systems, Inc.Kitty Greene 1500 Pumphrey Ave., Auburn, AL, 36832, USA

Advanced computerized primary flight displays, moving maps, and solid state sensors for GA or military aircraft.


Armel Electronics, Inc.Michael F. Zaccario, International Sales Manager

1601 75th Street, North Bergen, NJ, 07047, USA PCB Connectors, Relay Sockets, Stand-off Terminals and Terminal Boards. Armel Electronics, Inc. has been in the design and manufacture of Mil-Spec electronics components for over fifty (50) years. Our products are used in Military and Commercial Avionic and Aerospace applications. Armel specializes in custom designed Printed Circuit Board connectors, Flexible Circuit connectors, Card edge and Rack And Panel connectors as well as a full line of Relay sockets to match the designs of the major Relay manufacturer's products. We also specialize in a line of DAP and Metal body Stand-off terminals. Our products are also used in many Naval (Sea-based) and Army (Land-based) applications.


Avionics Mobile Services Limited Jim Herbert, Managing Director6, Park Industries Estate, St. Albans, AL2 2DR, UK Specializes in the installation of aircraft electronic systems. Avionics Mobile has a range of intern ational approvals and are dealers for the main equipment manufacturers. Supplies and installs any electronic system to your requirements. Will travel to your premises and work with you to complete the task. Recent installations include satellite telephones, cockpit voice and flight data recorders, flight management T.C.A.S. and EFIS, stabilized camera turrets, audio and video entertainment systems. Approved under BCAR E2 approval. Associated DER services enable Avionics Mobile to provide approved data for American registered aircraft. Bench repair facilities for Navigation,Communication, Radar, Flight Management, EFIS and Auto-pilot systems provide first class support for many major operators. Instrument repair facility covers a wide range of pneumatic, gyroscopic and electrical instruments.


Avitech-Aviation Management Technologies GmbH Andrew Donald,Bahnhofplatz 1, Friedrichshafen, 88045, Germany30 years experience in design, development, integration and maintenance of IT-systems for Air Traffic Control applications world wide. Provides solutions in the following areas: Message Handling Systems, Aeronautical Information Systems, Air Traffic Management Systems, like-approach sequencing and advisory system (COMPAS), integrated tower and approach system (ITAS).

为空管提供IT 系统的设计、开发、集成和维修服务,并提供信息控制、航空信息及空管系统等解决方案。

Avitronics (Pty) Ltd.Johan Swanepoel, Product and listing updatesP.O. Box 8492, Centurion, 0046, South Africa Avitronics is an ISO 9001 accredited company specializing in the design, development and production of Electronic Warfare systems and associated equipment for air, sea and land based applications. In-House capabilities include microwave, electro-optic, digital, software and logistic support technologies. The product range includes radar, laser and missile approach warning systems, an integrated multi-sensor warning system, ESM systems, flight-line test equipment for EW self-protection systems, maritime EW modeling and simulation and a maritime multi-rocket decoy system.

专营航空电子战系统及相关设备的设计,开发和生产,其产品包括雷达、ESM 系统等。

Ballard Technology Barry Solem, V.P.3229A Pine Street, Everett, WA, 98201-4536, USA A leading developer and manufacturer of avionics hardware and software products since 1986 -with a reputation for dependable, innovative, cost-effective solutions. Offering a broad range of av ionics databus tools and interfaces for military (MIL-STD-1553), commercial (ARINC 429, 629, 708, 717), space vehicles (Space Shuttle bus) and custom applications. Ballard's powerful and easy-to-use CoPilot software is the preferred solution of customers around the world.


BarcoView Ann Galland, Director of Marketing & Communications Th. Sevenslaan 106, Kortrijk, 8500, Belgium BarcoView designs and manufactures high-performance display systems, displays, graphics controllers and display subsystems for highly demanding niche markets such as avionics, C4I, vessel and air traffic control, vehicle electronics and medical imaging applications. A complete package of integration services is offered providing the most flexible and configurable graphics solutions available to the systems integrator for life-critical missions.


Becker Flugfunkwerk GmbH Carole Gassmann Baden Airpark Victoria Blvd. B 108, Rheinmuenster, 77836, Germany Develops, manufactures, sells and supports a complete line of airborne communication and navigation systems and a ground based communication solutions. Airborne includes: audio panels, VHF COMM, NAV, XPDR and ADF, advanced Moving Map for military, commercial and sport aircraft. ATC Solutions (ground based) for small control towers to country wide integrated solutions as well as turnkey solutions together with its partners.

开发、生产、销售和支持导航系统及机载和地面通讯方案,其中包括ATC 解决方案。

Beel Technologies R. Birnbaum, Exec. VP 1750 Marie Victorin Blvd., Montreal, Quebec, J3V 6B9, Canada Manufacturer of SSR Far Field Monitors (Parrot's). Configured to specific requirements and available in single or dual redundant configurations, the monitors are used at over 60 installations worldwide. Functions include Mode 3/A, C, S Level 3, 2 and 4. Recent contracts include India, Malaysia, Tunisia, Norway, Egypt and Columbia. Other products include a primary Radar MTI Marker and an X brand Beacon Transponder, suitable for search and rescue applications.

生产SSR 远程监控器,可提供单、双冗余规格。为航空搜索和救援提供雷达MTI 发生器、X 应达信标等产品。

Carrot Guidance & Navigation Corporation Stephen Beiter150 Totowa Rd., Wayne, NJ, 07474-0946, USA Designs and manufactures inertial devices and precision components for land, air, sea, and space navigation and guidance applications.


Chelton (Electrostatics) Limited James Spolander, Regional Business Development Mgr.Fieldhouse Lane, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 1LR, UK Designs and builds airborne antennas. Specializes in technology related to airborne and ground-based communications, navigation, and information distribution markets. Capability in the fields of a irborne antennas, static dischargers, passive microwave components, ground-based satellite antenna systems, advanced thermoplastic technology, and special mission avionics.


Chelton Antennas Georges Berret, Marketing Director 7 chemin de Vaubesnard, Dourdan, 91410, France Communication, navigation, identification, localization. Chelton Antennas was created January 1st,2000 following the merger of Starec, Rayan and Chelton France, which now gather their resources and their skills on the same site around a major facility: high-technology antennas. Chelton Antennas is a worldwide company for the study, development and manufacture of antennas with the largest range of products and associated services ever proposed to the market. The technical a ctivities of Chelton Antennas are spread over 3 specialization sectors linked to specific application fields. They are: AERONAUTICS, GROUND/NAVAL, and SPACE.


CHL Netherlands B.V.R. Lens Lageweg 16, P.O. Box 3072, Katwijk, 2220 CB, Netherlands The primary activities of CHL Netherlands B.V., are the development and production of high quality, high performance radars and radar antenna systems for airport surface movement indicator systems and vessel traffic management systems. Other products include: Doppler radar for speed surveillance equipment; Vessel traffic detection systems; and Artemis position fixing systems.


Command Electronics Co.Dorothy Kay VP Marketing Box 17842 Kansas City M0 64134 USA Aircraft avionics equipment to repair and calibrate airdata and navigational instruments. Our Model 803 is the ONLY tester whose ACCURACY can be VERIFIED right in the shop traceable to the Nat'l Institute of Standards and Technology. This digital model can also be repaired and calibrated by your avionic technician right in your shop - SAVING time and money. No need to send back and forth to the factory for calibration or repair! Aerospace maintenance of digital airdata calibrators and pitot/static testers. The ACCURACY of our products is VERIFIABLE right in the shop traceable to the Nat'l Institute of Standards and Technology. Our Model 803 is the ONLY tester which can be calibrated by your avionic technician - SAVING time and money - no sending back and forth to the factory for calibration or repair!


Comsoft GmbH Manfred Schmid, Managing Director Wachhausstr. 5A, Karlsruhe, 76627, Germany German solution provider and consultant to the Air Traffic Control sector for over ten years. Using forefront technology and system engineering methodology, the ISO certified company has in the past acquired a good reputation for delivering - in time and within budget - innovative and flexible solutions for today's ATC markets. The COMSOFT surveillance products comprise: Radar and data display and processing systems, surveillance data networks, ASTERIX tools and systems, surveillance management applications, surveillance data recordings. AFTN/CIDIN Switches.

提供空管系统的咨询服务,运用前沿技术和系统工程方案开发COMSOFT 监控产品:雷达、STERIX 工具等。

Comverse InfosysMrs. Hagit Rozov23 Habazel St., Tel Aviv, 69710, Israel

Comverse Infosys Inc. is the leading provider of integrated digital recording systems for government & law enforcement agencies. Employs scalable client/server architecture of multi-media recording servers, database servers and client workstations for Air Traffic Control Solutions. The ULTRA?- A digital recording system provides integrated solutions for airports and ATC centres. The ULTRA's capabilities include: embedded redundancy and mirroring options. SNMP management, Juke-Boxed based automatic recording archive, centralized verification via the network, integrated controller ID and unique personnel training application. Comverse Infosys Inc. has a strong presence in APAC with 5 regional offices in Hong Kong, Sidney, Tokyo, Singapore and Tel-Aviv.

为政府和立法机构提供综合数字记录系统,为空中交通控制系统方案提供多媒体记录服务器。ULTRA 为机场和空管中心提供数字式记录系统。

Condor Engineering, Inc.Anne Marie Charest, Marketing Communications Manager

101 W. Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara, CA, 93101, USA Technological innovator and manufacturer of avionics data bus tools and solutions: simulation and

imbedded interfaces for commercial (ARINC) and military (MIL-STD-553) avionics data buses.Worldwide network of manufacturer's representatives and distributors.

为ARINC 和MIL-STD-1553 模拟,提供航空数据,接口及方案服务。

Copperchase Limited Nigel Walton, Aviation Sales Manager Unit 1, Ventura Centre, Ventura Place, Upton, Poole, Dorset, BH16 5SW, UK Designs and manufactures message processing systems for the aviation industry: AFTN systems and terminals - Flight Data Management with Automatic Flight Progress Strip Printing, Briefing Terminal, SITA/AFTN transparent message processing, CFMU Departure Slot Monitor, fully automated ATIS and D-ATIS. Product portfolio ranges from a single-connection AFTN message processing terminal (AFTERM), through an 8-port AFTN message gateway (AFGATE), to a 64-port automatic message switch (AFSWITCH). All products are designed to interface and integrate with a wide variety of legacy and modern telecommunications media. Worldwide market.


Cubic Communications Inc. (CCI) David Godfrey, Director of ATC Business Dvlpmt.

9535 Waples Street, San Diego, CA, 92121-2953, USA Developed technologies that address the requirements of the worldwide ATC market: ATC-100 Transceiver, a digital VHF radio, reduces operating costs of maintaining and monitoring remote com

munications equipment, incorporates CCI's Vector Feedback to meet the new multi-mode radio requirements; CTX-5000, a solid-state HF transmitter, incorporates Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to increase the reliability of transoceanic voice communications with commercial aircraft; Airport Interference Monitoring System (AIMS), used to help air traffic services personnel isolate, track, and eliminate sources of radio-frequency interference in a cost-effective, timely manner.

提供满足世界空管市场需求的先进科技:ATC-100 型无线电收发两用机数字式高频电台,降低维修和远程监控经营成本的通讯设备,组合CCI 矢量反馈以满足新型多模式电台的需求;CTX-5000 固态高频发射机组合数字信号处理增加商业飞机越洋话音通讯的可靠性。机场射频干扰监控系统作为一种节约成本和及时的方式使空中交通服务部门隔离、追踪和消除无线电频率干涉来源。

Dynatech International Corporation Arnold Mendell, PMA Manager One Rodeo Drive, Edgwood, NY, 11717, USA Dynatech International is a manufacturer of FAA approved replacement parts for the CFM56 series of engines. Our FAA-PMA's are currently being used by Lufthansa Technik the worlds largest CFM56 overhaul facility. Lufthansa as most of the world knows has formed a joint venture with Air China to be known as " Ameco Beijing". Dynatech International FAA-PMA's are priced approximately 30% less than General Electric/Cfm International. We say to the aerospace industry that Dynatech's FAA-PMA's are an excellent way to reduce cost while receiving the same quality parts. All of our PMA's are shipped with 8130-3 Airworthines tags conforming to the requirements of CAAC.

具有FAA 认证的CFM56 系列发动机替换件,带有8130-3 适航标贴的PMA 均符合CAAC 的要求。

David Clark Company Inc Keith Liu, Regional Sales Manager, Asia Pacific

360 Franklin Street, Box 15054, Worcester, MA, 01615-0054, USA Manufacturer of noise-attenuating headsets, intercoms and communication systems for aviation, air

line, military, emergency vehicle, railroad, industrial and recreation/sporting applications and MAST?Medical Anti-Shock Trousers for use in emergency vehicles and hospitals.

为航空工业提供降噪耳机、内部通信联络系统、通讯系统以及用于紧急情况的Anti-Shock Trousers 产品。

Denbridge Digital Peter Roelofs, Director of Sales and Marketing

Systems House, 62-68 Strand Road, Bootle, Merseyside, L29 4BG, UK Designs and manufactures radar video compression and display products for air traffic control and marine surveillance markets. Raw radar video compression systems allow viewing of the original radar image from remote locations. The only connection required is a narrow-band link, such as a dial-up modem. At control centers, the compressed video data is easier to distribute than analog signals. Display products include primary and secondary radar displays. In the display systems,the decompression and scan conversion processes are done by software. The companies compression systems are in use by the Hong Kong ATC system.


Dicom, spol. s.r.o.Ing. Libor Mikl, Head of Sales Sokolovska 573, Uherske Hradisti, 686 01, Czech Republic The largest Czech company specialized in the development and production of radio-communication (VHF tactical communication systems 30 - 88 MHz) and navigation equipment including GPS sets for military purposes. The company is ISO 9001 and AQAP 110 certified. The production process is monitored with an active quality control system meeting all requirements of ISO, MIL and STANAG international standards. The main products are: RF 13 manpack and RF 1301 hand-held tactical VHF transceivers; RF 1325/1350 vehicle-mounted tactical VHF transceiver; GPS-NAVSTAR satellite navigation receivers; Precise time and frequency generators; and Antennas, power supply units and accessories.


Digital Signal Products, Inc.Dr. Robert Might45625 Willow Pond Plaza, Sterling, VA, 20164, USA Provides both high quality COTS communications products and services/solutions for specific customer needs. Has provided Tone Notching (for operator headset), Voice Call Delay (for eliminating voice clipping), Radio Voting (for best signal selection) among a number of communication products for the FAA. These products have been tested and certified by the FAA and are installed atmajor airports in the US. The company specializes in voice compression and other high-speed DSP applications.

提供被美国FAA 认证的COTS 通讯产品:音调切分器、话音呼叫延迟器、无线电比选,擅长于话音压缩与其他高速DSP 应用等。

Drake Electronics Limited Irwin D. Nathanson, Vice President 26-28 Hydeway, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, AL7 3UQ, UK Drake Electronics Limited have over 25 years experience in providing high performance VCS (Voice Communications System) solutions and have installed over 2,000 systems in 50 countries worldwide. Drake is part of the Vitec Group plc, a multinational company quoted on the London Stock Exchange. Drake's fully digital, non-locking Tower Voice Switch (TVS) and Area Control Centre Voice Switch (ACCVS), both have variable bandwidth TDM (Time Divisional Multiplex) technology. TVS is designed for all ATC tower, ramp and approach applications, whilst ACCVS is ideal for use in ATC Area Control Centre, Central Flow Management Units and similar large-scale applications. The scalability, ease of installation and versatility of both systems make them truly cost-effective, especially when used as part of a distributed communications network. TVS is also an ideal emergency communications system that provides comprehensive, reliable back-up at the largest of ATC facilities, whilst ACCVS is also ideal for airline operation and command centres.

具备25 年经验的高性能语音通讯系统解决方案,在全世界50 个国家安装有2000 余系统。

DRS Flight Safety and Communications Richard Cobbold, VP Marketing115 Emily Street, Carleton Place, Ontario, K7C 4J5, Canada Supplier of defense electronic systems. Provide high-technology products and services to government and commercial markets worldwide. Develops and manufactures a broad range of mission critical products - from rugged computers and peripherals to systems and components - in the areas of combat information, communications, data storage, digital imaging, electro-optics, flight safety and space. Defense electronics systems are sold to all branches of the U.S. military, government intelligence agencies, major aerospace/defense contractors, international military forces and a wide range of commercial customers. Offer a full complement of technical support and manufacturin

g services. Our commercial and industrial products are used by the airline, banking, computer disk drive, security, transportation, retail sales and broadcast industries.


DRS Hadland Ltd.Michael Hadland, Avionics Director Akeman Street, Tring, Herts, HP23 6AA, UK DRS Hadland Ltd design, manufacture, sell and support the following range of products: Avionics:Flight Data and Cockpit Voice Recorders for military and civil fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Airborne video recording and ground replay equipment for military aircraft. Camera division: Ultra highspeed cameras for scientific and military research with framing rates up to 100,000,000 pictures per second. Electronic Ballistic Range cameras.


DRS Technologies, Inc.

Chris M. Toffales, Senior Vice President, Marketing5 Sylvan Way, Parsippany, NJ, 07054, USA Supplier of defense electronics systems. Provide high technology products and services to government and commercial customers worldwide. Develops and manufactures a broad range of missioncritical products, from rugged computers and peripherals to systems and components in the areas of communications, combat systems, data storage, digital imaging, electro-optics, flight safety and space. Their defense electronic systems are sold to U.S. and international military forces and major aerospace and defense contractors.


Dukane Corporation/Seacom Division John Springer, Sales Manager 2900 Dukane Drive, St. Charles, IL, 60174, USA Manufacturer of underwater locator beacons (ULBs): DK100, DK120, DK130, and DK140 - all FAA TSO-C121 approved. First builder of beacon, pinger, or ULB to be fitted to an aviation recorder, CVR, or FDR. ISO 9001 certified.

水底电波探测器信标制造商,提供FAA 授权和取得ISO 9001 认证的产品:DK100、DK120、DK130、DK140 等。

EFW Inc.Jerry Fisher 4700 Marine Creek Parkway, PO Box 136969, Fort Worth, TX, 76136-6969, USA Specializes in electronics manufacturing and in the design and development of new and upgraded systems. Designs and manufactures Range Training Systems, Helmet Mounted Displays for fixed and rotary wing aircraft; electro-optics design, development, and upgrades; SMT circuit cards, thru-hole and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) CCAs and LRUs. Some products include mission and vehicle computers, flat panel displays, guidance and control components, ground support equipment, control handle assemblies, AMLCDs, Digital Map System, Display Electronics Unit, and the Stores Management System, The company also provides logistics services to include repair of various legacy systems, development of test equipment, and software, and construction of depots.


Eldis s.r.o.Petr Krejcar, Jr.Prumyslova 395, Pardubice, CZ 530 03, Czech Republic Development and production of microwave and electronic circuits, software development, electronic systems design.


Evans Consoles Inc.

James Glosser, Manager/International Sales 1616-27 Avenue NE, Calgary, Alberta, T2E 8W4, Canada Founded in 1980, Evans specializes in control center design, and the design and manufacture of ergonomic technology furniture including consoles, trading desks and large-screen display walls.

Recognized in the Air Traffic Control industry, Evans offers a specialized, value-based ATC Tower console, designed for the specific needs of Air Traffic Control environments. Evans has completed more than 3,500 control and trading center projects on five continents for such clients as NASA Johnson Space Center, NavCanada, AT&T, Delta Air Lines, IBM, the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), United Airlines, China Rail and Chek Lap Kok Airport.


Eventide Avionics Mike Vodarsik 1 Alsan Way, Little Ferry, NJ, 07643, USA

Manufactures Argus line of moving map displays: Argus is a panel-ount, CRT, moving map display that uses customers' long range navigation system to plot position; interfaces for traffic and weather avoidance are available.

移动地图显示器Argus 生产线,提供板面安装、CRT,并为交通和气象提供接口装置。

FREQUENTIS Susanne Lath, Corporate Communications Spittelbreitengasse 34, Vienna, 1120, Austria Frequentis develops communications and information systems for fields where safety is of the utmost importance. The Austrian high-tech company conducts its business on an international level,focusing on air traffic control, command & control communications as well as air defence. The success and reliability of all of Frequentis voice and data communications systems lie in its core know-how as technology leader. For the user, this means: high fail safety, rapid establishment of connections, as well as flexibility and networking capabilities in application.


GIA Beijing Representative Office Brenda Wang, Representative Room 5316, Building No.3, Xiyuan Hotel, Beijing, 100044, China Automatic weather observation systems. With Head Quarter situated in Brussels Belgium and branch company in Sweden, GIA Beijing Representative Office was established in Beijing in January,1981. Our main business activities are introducing European manufactured advanced equipments and products covering electronic and communication industry, such as micro-electronic material production and its technical transfer, microwave and radar instruments and apparatus, frequency spectrum management systems and automatic weather observation systems etc.


Global Weather Dynamics, Inc.John Fort, Director of Business Development

2340 Garden Road, Monterey, CA, 93940, USA Provides turnkey communications and information systems for civil aviation and meteorological authorities worldwide. GWDI's core product is the Aeronautical Message Handling System (AMHS) that supports AFTN, SITA, CIDIN and ATN networks. Compatible products support management of NOTAM, flight plans and weather information. The AIS system completely automates operation of the NOTAM office providing briefing services to flight crews. The OPMET system manages textual and graphical weather data. The FPMS (Flight Plan Management System) automates the functions related to handling ICAO flight plans by an ARO office. Integration, testing, training, documentation, requirements analysis and customization are standard deliverables for every project.


Guangzhou Hangxin Avionics Co. Ltd.

Wang Ye No. 24, Phase 2, Dongjiao Industrial Park, Tianhe Dist, Guangzhou, 510630, China Part of Hangxin Group, one of the largest avionics service providers in China, is capable of providing aircraft operators with package avionics services including avionics service, design and fabrication of test equipment, leasing of aviation supplies, and retrofit and installation of avionics, maintenance facilities located in both Guangzhou and Harbin, it makes package avionics services readily available to all the airlines and aircraft operators in China, has now developed the capability to service more than 8,000 part numbers for more than 40 models of aircraft including Boeing 737-200/300/400/500/700/800, B747, B757, B767, Airbus A300, A310, A320, A340, and MD aeroplanes, different helicopters and regional aircraft.


HITT Berry den Bezemer, Director of Marketing and Sales Netherlands Turnkey ATC products and services. Specializes in an Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-MGCS) integrated with an airport lighting system and/or a co-operative sensor, and Airport Noise Monitoring Systems. Over 25 years experience in traffic management and control systems, specifically in the development of complex ATC and Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) systems. HITT's modular systems are flexible and can be tailored to customer requirements as well as integrated with other systems. ATC activities concentrate on system consultancy, system (software) development, and system maintenance and support, particularly in approach, tower and ground movement technologies, including upgrading services for radar data processing, tracking and labeling, displays and integration with lighting, tower and approach systems.

提供ATC 交钥匙产品和服务,专营ASMGCS、ATC 和VTS 系统等,其模块系统应用灵活,其中ATC 相关活动集中于系统顾问与软件开发等方面。

Hotek Technologies Tom Hoczek 4106 53rd St. NE, Tacoma, WA, 98422, USA

Specializes in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of custom electronics and electro-mechanical panels and consoles. Provides support in customized test equipment to perform maintenance on aircraft instruments and accessories.


Image Systems Corp.Marta Volbrecht, Vice President6103 Blue Circle Drive, Minnetonka, MN, 55343, USA Image Systems Corp. is a leading manufacturer of high bright, high resolution monitors. Products include sunlight readable, color AMLCD displays with sizes from 15-24". High bright greyscale or green CRT monitors from 9"-24" in size, in resolutions from NTSC to 5 million pixels. A factory trained service organization is based in Shanghai.


Interpoint, a part of Crane Aerospace Jenny Riddle, International Sales Manager

P.O. Box 97005, Redmond, WA, 98073-9705, USA Interpoint, a member of the Crane Aerospace group of companies and an industry leader for over thirty years, manufactures high-density, high-reliability, electronic, microelectronic, and power conversion products for the aerospace, space, military, medical, industrial, and commercial markets.We offer more than 1000 off-the-shelf power conversion products in addition to electronic manufacturing services. Products are qualified to MIL-PRF-38534 Class H or K and space products to RHA R. Interpoint is an ISO 9001 certified company.


Intertec A/S, Airport Division Charlotte Parker, Marketing Coordinator PO Box 239, Fiskergade 66, Aarhus, C 8100, Denmark INTERTEC AIRPORT DIVISION specialises in design and integration of airside systems related to air traffic control. INTERTEC offers services within the following areas of airport management and operations: feasibility studies; project financing; design; project management; delivery and installation ; commissioning maintenance. INTERTEC supplies the following equipment from leading manufacturers in the world market, all of which is easily controlled and monitored by our integrated control packages at selected locations in the airport: navigation systems; instrument landing systems; communication systems; systems; airfield ground lighting systems; meteorological systems.


Ixthos, Inc.Rajean Eubank, Marketing and Communications Manager741-G Miller Drive, SE, Leesburg, VA, 20175, USA Specializes in integrated VME hardware and software solutions for real-time DSP multiprocessing applications. Designs high-performance DSP boards, based on TI 'C6x, Motorola PowerPC, and ADI SHARC? processors, as well as PCI Mezzanine cards and analog/digital input/output mezzanine modules. Application for the company's products include communications, radar, sonar, audio, and image processing for commercial OEMs and military systems integrators. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DY 4 Systems, Inc.

为实时DSP 多计算机处理程序应用提供VME 硬件和软件解决方案,产品有通讯、雷达、语音和图象处理等。

Kearfott Guidance & Navigation Corporation Stephen Beiter, Director of Marketing 150 Totowa Rd., Wayne, NJ, 07474-0946, USA Kearfott's operations occupy over 1 million square feet in design and manufacture facilities where its personnel have produced over 100,00 inertial devices and over 4 million precision components. The breadth of Kearfott's engineering talents has enabled it to provide practical and innovative

solutions to address and fulfill the requirements of the most demanding and sophisticated customers. Our corporate mission is to design, develop, manufacture and support highly reliable, quality products that satisfy the land, air, sea and space navigation and guidance requirements of ourmilitary and commercial customers worldwide.


Korry Electronics Co.Oliver Bootz, International Sales Manager901 Dexter Avenue N., Seattle, WA, 98109, USA Tel: 206-281-1331; Fax: 206-273-4128; E-mail: obootz@korry.com; Website: www.korry.com Designer and manufacturer of specialized aerospace lighting, display and man-machine interface solutions for commercial, regional, and military applications and flight decks. Produces integrated LED, VFD, LCD and AMLCD display and control systems, including NVG and LED illuminated push-button switches and indicators, integrated switch panels, control products(RTP, LRU, GLS, Audio Select,etc.), and high-performance AMLCD displays for harsh environments like ATC and aircraft cockpits. Also produces engineered optical plastic NVG filter Korry products deliver unsurpassed lighting uniformity, color accuracy, sunlight readability, and night-vision compatability.


L-3 Communications/ESSCO Jeffrey S. Brown, Vice President - Sales and Marketing

Old Powder Mill Road, Concord, MA, 01742, USA L-3 Communications/ESSCO is a wholly owned subsidiary of L-3 Communications Corp., 600 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10016, USA. The company specializes in the manufacturing of groundbased,shipboard, and airborne radomes, composite reflectors and precision antenna systems. It has expertise in system design and verification of radome performance. We produce all types of

radomes, including space frame radomes for broad frequency applications and sandwich radomesdesigned specifically for narrow frequency radar such as ATC single or dual-phased Monopulse beacon, phased-array and en-route survelliance radar installations as well as weather radar and other systems. Composite radomes and frequency selective surfaces are available for other applications. We offer radome inspection, maintenance and installation and are ISO9001 certified.


Laipac Technology Inc.

Octavio Octavio, General Manager Eu.Division

105 West Beaver Creek Rd. Unit 207, Ontario, Ontario, L4B 1C6, Canada

We are committed to constantly improving our solutions in areas of GPS System, GPS Receivers,

GPS Antennas, GPS Dataloggers, RF Modules, Wireless Security Systems, Automatic Vehicle L

ocation (AVL) for real time and passive tracking.


MESIT poístroje spol. s r.o.

Vlastimil KUOIMSKY,

Sokolovska 573, Uherske Hradisti, Zlinsky kraj, 686 01, Czech Republic

MESIT poístroje spol. s.r.o. has over fifty years proven reputation on the highest quality level for

development, manufacturing, sale and service of the products in three main fields: aircraft and sp

ecial instruments (civil and army), instruments for vehicles, communication technology and instrum

ents for industrial and other use. The company is a leading supplier of various ranges of compo

nents in the field of communication, navigation, microprocessor control, measurement of physical

quantities, and one phase and three phase converters. In various stages MESIT partners with fir

ms like Let Kunovice and Aero Vodochody in the production programs for L-410, L-610 aircraft of

LET Kunovice, L29, L 39, L59 and L 159 aircrafts of AERO Vodochody respectively and in the

range of sport planes of MORAVAN Otrokovice.


Nautel Limited

Sydney Swaine, Technical Sales Specialist10089 Peggy's Cove Road, Hackett's Cove, Nova Scotia, B3Z 3J4, Canada Nautel specializes in the development and manufacture of high-power solid state radio transmitters and RF amplifiers. Major products include AM and FM radio broadcast transmitters, aeronautical and marine radiobeacon transmitter systems (NDB's) Navtex/MF Telegraph transmitters and Diffe

rential Global Position System transmitters (DGPS).


NedGraphics B.V. (formerly Logos B.V.)Marc J. Tinkelenberg, Account Manager Aviation P.O. Box 40405, Utrecht, 3504 AE, Netherlands Please Note: Aviation activities of Logos B.V. have been taken over by NedGraphics B.V. NedGraphics has developed the smartGlobe system for static data management and aeronautical charting. SmartGlobe is the preferred charting system for the AIS industry. smartGlobe is based on the international aviation data standards and ICAO SARPs, and has been selected as charting system for the European AIS database system. Major smartGlobe users such as KLM and SAS both maintain over 5,000 navigation charts. NedGraphics is market leader in CAD/GIS solutions for Local Government in The Netherlands. As a Bentley MVAR, NedGraphics offers a wide range of CAD products, including web-based solutions. With it's partners NedGraphics offers a full range of AIS products and services, including AIP production, charting and ATC information display systems.

开发静态数据管理和航空图表系统和ATC 信息显示系统,制作网页库解决方案。

Northrop-Grumman-Denro Systems Lou Rosgen, Marketing Manager 9318Gaither Road, Gaithersberg, MD, 20877-1441, USA Supplier of voice communications control/switching systems (VCS) and radio control equipment (RCE) used in all Air Traffic Control (ATC) applications. Litton Debro's leadership and technical experttise are clearly demonstrated in the quality of its products. VCS products include: Model 400D/ETVS, Model 3080/RDVS and Model STVS a (a small VCS). The RCE 2001 enables remote monitoring and control of radios over standard grade, 4-wire telephine lines. The world's leading supplier of VCS systems, Litton Denro holds all of the US FAA's long-term VCS contracts. Litton Denro is an esyablished supplier to China where the company has sold 25 systems to date, most recently for Wuhan and Changsha Area Control Centers. Our customers include CAAC and CUA.


Northrup Grumman Corp., Electronic & Systems Sector (ES3)Christopher M. Francis, Marketing Manager, Air Traffic Management Systems1580-A West Nursery Road, Linthicum, MD, 21090, USA AIRSPACE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (AMS) designed to provide customers around the world with a turnkey ATC system. A full-function surveillance and automation ATC system; can be configured for terminal or en route control. Specific elements can be implemented with existing systems or components from other manufacturers. Modular design provides a high-performance, cost-effective solution to ATC needs. Typical building blocks of the complete AMS are the ASR-9 or ASR-12 primary surveillance radars for terminal control, the joint-use ARSR-4 radar for en route control,and either the monopulse secondary surveillance radar (MSSR) or the Mode S for secondary surveillance. Completing the system are the AMS hardware and software for radar data and flight plan processing and the air traffic controller's display.

空域管理系统(AMS)为交钥匙 ATC 系统,包括监视与自动化系统,能够进行终端和航路控制,为雷达数据和飞行计划处理配备软硬件。提供高性能模板设计。